Tours of Wadi Rum

Tours of Wadi Rum
by jeep, on foot or on camelback.

Photo Susan Fielding


Contents :

  • Classic visits, a short hike and some easy scrambling

  • Longer visits combined with hiking, scrambling and a camel trek

  • More serious but still easy climbs

These programmes have been drawn up in Wadi Rum by the “Wadi Rum Mountain Guides”. If you are interested in one of these trips, you should apply ahead of time, either directly to them or to any one of the guides associated with them, some of whose names and contact details I give at the end of the page. These guides are competent and experienced, and all are anxious that “their” tourists should have a good time. They are all speak English and enjoy doing so! For any doubters, I assure you that these are “genuine” Bedouin who belong to one of the tribes in Wadi Rum….

While all the tours can be modified according to the visitor’s wishes and constraints, normally the prices given are all inclusive of the services offered : transport, guide services, all meals and sleeping equipment where sleeping out is part of the tour. Visitors wanting mineral water or any sort of alcohol however, should bring it with them, this is not provided by WRMG.

Wadi Rum Mountain Guides can be reached at phone/fax +962.3.203.5844/2651 or by email at

The photos have been supplied by WRMG and are “thumbnail” photos. Click on one of them for a larger version.


Wadi Rum by jeep in one day (“a day with the Bedouin”)

View from the sandunes in Wadi Um Ishrin

We start in the village and drive first to Lawrence’s Spring and then to the sand dunes in Wadi Um Ishrin where you can also see some Nabatean inscriptions. We continue, visiting “Lawrence’s House” from where there are some great views, and then to the Barragh Canyon. Here we have lunch. In the afternoon we drive to where we have a view up the mountain of the bridge on Jebel Burdah, and then to Um Fruth Bridge and Khazali Canyon.

From there to the “sunset place” to watch the sunset and to appreciate the beauty of the changing colours of the landscape. Here we have supper, enjoy the evening and the stars and stay to sleep.

Price : 25JD per person for up to 3 people. More than 3 people, 20JD per person. This price includes everything, the jeep, the guide, all meals and mattresses and blankets for sleeping.


Extra excursions

If you are looking for more than just one day in Wadi Rum here are a number of possibilities that can be “added on” to any of the other trips.

The prices indicated take into account that you are already a client and are not necessarily the prices that would be charged for the excursion taken alone.

An extra day in 4×4 going far to the south into the unfrequented valleys around the beautiful and lonely Wadi Saabit. You would be unlikely to see anybody other than a few scattered Bedouin tents.

Price : 25JD per person for up to 3 people. More than 3 people, 20JD per person. This price includes everything, the jeep, the guide, all meals and mattresses and blankets for sleeping.

A short hike to the Rakebat Canyon

A half day hike through the Rakebat Canyon, followed by a return in jeep to Rum Village, taking altogether about 3 hours. Price 40JD for the group of 1-6 people. (A larger group would need a second jeep).

Jebel Um Adaami

Although it is the highest mountain in Jordan, climbing Um Adaami is actually fairly simple. No special skills are required and while I’m not claiming that the path is easy, the climb is perfectly feasible even for those out of condition! See the photos below and at the end of the page.


You see? And the views from the top make it all worth it!


A drive through the desert some 40kms to the south to Jebel Um Adaami (this is the highest mountain in Jordan and is 1832m above sea level), and a hike to the top, which usually takes about 2 1/2 hours. When we come down again, we continue by jeep to a place where we can have lunch.

In the afternoon we continue through the desert and Wadi Saabit, a beautiful valley bordered by magnificent mountains. On the way we shall visit a Bedouin family and hopefully have some tea with them. We return via the dripping well at Jebal Qatar.

Price : normally 30JD/person (minimum 2 people), but this can be reduced according to how many people are involved.

“Over the top to Aqaba”

It is also possible to cross the mountains to Aqaba in a jeep by the road often (erroneously) called “Lawrence’s road to Aqaba.

Price : 25JD/person or 20JD/person for more than 4 people).

Extra night in the desert

An extra night in the desert can always be arranged either at the beginning or at the end of your visit. The price would be 10JD/person, including supper, breakfast and a return to the Resthouse at Rum Village.



Hiking through the Rakebat and Kharazeh Canyons

Three photos of the Kharazeh Canyon from

This is a one day trip taking about 7 hours. We start from the village, and go through the Rakebat Canyon to Wadi Um Ishrin. Then an easy walk of about 45 minutes through the valley to the beginning of Kharazeh Canyon. We go through this canyon by hiking and with one short abseil of 40 meters. We come out into Wadi Rum and return to the village on foot.

Price for 1-6 people : 60JD. This is the group price and includes everything, guide, food etc.


2 days hiking, scrambling and jeep riding in Wadi Rum

Entry to the Rakebat Canyon from Wadi Um Ishrin

Day 1 : we start from the village and go through the Rakebat Canyon to cross through the massif of Jebel Um Ishrin. It will take about 2 1/2 hours. We arrive in the lovely valley of Wadi Um Ishrin, where we take a break and have some tea. We continue by jeep to the Barragh Canyon, passing on the way the sand dunes in Um Ishrin, some Nabatean inscriptions and “Lawrence of Arabia’s house”. Lunch in the Barragh Canyon.

In the afternoon we cross from the Canyon to Rad el Beidha by doing some scrambling, including one easy abseil of 20m. This is a great trip, all in the shade and takes about 2 hours. At the end of the canyon a jeep picks us up and drives us to Jebel Burdah where we shall see the bridge. On the way, you will notice how the landscape changes colour with the approach of evening. We camp down near Burdah and admire the moon and the stars before sleeping.

Day 2 : After breakfast we go up to the bridge. It’s easy scrambling except for just one short bit near to the top! It will take us about 1 1/2 hours to reach the bridge from where we can see the marvellous view. (See photo lower down and on the Wadi Rum climbing page). If you want to continue to the top of the mountain, it would take an extra hour. Alternatively you can go down by a different route. Back in the camp we have lunch – and tea of course!

Afterwards we continue by jeep to Khazali Canyon where you can see some Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions. After the canyon we drive to a spot from where there is a wonderful view of the sunset. Return to Rum Village at the end of the tour after watching the sunset.

This is a programme for hiking and scrambling in Wadi Rum. It is always possible to change any particular part of the programme if the visitor wishes.

Price : 40JD per person per day for to 2-4 people. More than 4 people the price drops to 30JD per person per day. The price is inclusive of everything.


5 days : Visit of Wadi Rum and transfer to Aqaba by camel

First of all a visit to all the main sites in Wadi Rum on camel back, before taking the mountain road to Aqaba, still on the camel! Each night we will bivouac in a different place and you will feel like real nomads! You will ride your own camel, the guide will ride his. Don’t be uneasy about this, even the first day you will find out how to control the camel, it’s much easier than a horse. The camels are trained for it, and you can experience the real bedouin transport!

Price : 35JD per day. This price includes everything, the guide the camels and all meals.


5 days hiking and camel riding in Wadi Rum
with just a bit of scrambling!

The cliff commonly called “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” at the entrance to Wadi Rum
This is not a thumbnail photo

Day 1 : We start from the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, hiking up through Makharas Canyon to the valley of Um Ishrin. This should take about 3 hours and we shall have lunch on the way. In the afternoon, we continue to Barragh Canyon by camel. The camel trip will take 2 1/2 hours. At the entrance to the canyon, we shall have supper and stay there to sleep.

Day 2 : After breakfast, we shall walk up the canyon, which should take about 3 hours. After lunch, a hike in the easy sandy valley towards Jebel Burdah, where we will have supper and spend the night.

Day 3 : In the morning, an easy scramble up to the Bridge on Jebel Burdah from where there are some magnificient views. Going up and down again will take about 3 1/2 hours. Back in the camp we will have lunch, and after a short rest, another 3 hour walk to the evening’s camp from where we can watch the sunset.

View from Jebel Khasch

Day 4 : an easy hike of about 5 hours to Jebel Khasch, near to the border of Saudi Arabia. More magnificent views can be had from the top. Back down again, lunch and a rest, before setting out to walk through Wadi Nachra Canyon which is notable for its beautiful white sand. In the evening we camp near Jebel Abu Hamata.

Day 5 : After breakfast we start off from Jebel Abu Hamata towards Rum village. The route takes us through a very narrow sandy valley, and some very different landscapes. On the way we shall visit a Bedouin family before stopping for lunch. After lunch a hike to Jebel Qatar and its dripping well and a return to the village in the afternoon. From the village you can take a bus or taxi to Aqaba or to Petra, or you can sleep in the village.

Price : 35JD per person per day, for 2-4 people. More than 4 people, 30JD per person per day. This price includes everything, the guide, the camels and all meals. For one person alone, we should have to charge 60JD/day, since this programme requires a back up car and driver as well as the guide for the trekking.



Jebel Burdah


The bridge on Jebel Burdah and the view from there


Going up and down this mountain will take you 5 hours to the top. You will cross the bridge on the way, but you will come down by a different route. For a reasonably fit person, this climb is no more than a scramble with a couple of more difficult bits (grade 3 on the French scale) just before and just after the bridge, but it is very easy to miss the right way. Provided you have a properly qualified mountain guide with you with a rope, this is a marvellous and exciting outing and the views from the top are among the best in the whole Wadi Rum area.

Price for 1-6 people : 70JD. This price includes everything (the guide, the jeep ride to get there, and the food for the day). The price is for the group, to be shared among the participants. It is possible if you like to sleep at the top of the mountain and come down again the next day. In that case the price for the group is 100JD.


Jebel Khazali

This is one of the most beautiful places to scramble. It’s wonderful if you sleep at the top with all the amazing mountains around you. Don’t worry, there are easier routes than some of those illustrated in the “Outdoors” section! It takes about 3 hours to go up and another 3 hours to go down.

Price (without sleeping) 70JD for a group of 1-6 people or with sleeping 100JD. The prices includes everything, guide, jeep ride to get there and all meals. This is the price for the group to be shared among the participants.


Jebel Rum
(1754M above sea level – Wadi Rum village is 1000m above sea level)

High on Jebel Rum

We start in the village and take a jeep ride of 1/2 an hour to the west side of Jebel Rum where we will start up the mountain by the traditional bedouin route. This climb is rated grade 3 on the French system. We will take some special equipment for safety – it is likely to take us about 3 or 4 hours.

Price : 1-3 people : 80JD. 3-6 people : 100JD. More than 6 people will need two guides and will cost 200JD.

If you like you can take two days to do this. Bring with you a small bag with whatever you need for the night. The guide will carry the safety ropes and the food will be shared between everybody. We hike to the top where we will enjoy the marvellous view, and the sunset, and will stay there to sleep. If you are lucky you might see some ibex (the mountain goats). After sunrise we start down again, arriving on the east side near to the village of Rum. This will include some abseiling.

Price : 1-3 people : 150JD for the 2 days, 3-6 people 180JD. More than 6 people (needing two guides) 300JD. This is just the price for the guide, and is to be shared between the whole group.


Jebel Um Adaami
(1832M above sea level – Wadi Rum village is 1000m above sea level)


Some more views from Um Adaami There are a couple of other photos higher up


A drive through the desert some 40kms to the south to Jebel Um Adaami, and a guided hike to the top, which usually takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Price : 120JD for 1-6 people. This price includes jeep transport and a guide to the top. Lunch can be provided for a small supplement.

To get into contact with the Wadi Rum Mountain Guides, you should email or fax to the following :

email :
Phone/fax : +962.3.203.5844 or +962.3.203.2651

The company is managed jointly by Attayak Aouda and Attayak Ali, both from the Zilabia family and as well as dealing extensively with trekking and hiking is also the office that administers and coordinates climbing in Wadi Rum.