Riding around Wadi Rum

Riding around Wadi Rum
photos by Wilfried Colonna

If you are interested in photos of Wadi Rum, you can see many more illustrating the pages describing a visit to Wadi Rum and also on the photo gallery pages “Wadi Rum around Rum village” “Off the beaten track around Wadi Rum” and “Wadi Rum : cliffs and climbs

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Here are the guides :

Attayak Ali with the camels and Atallah with the horses

Attayak is riding the camel on which he rode 120kms in one day “for fun”! (see “Attayak Aouda and the camel race“), and Atallah is on “Reem” his Wadi Rum Marathon horse

You see what all the books mean when they talk about the “immensities” of Wadi Rum?

They do say that camels are easier to ride than horses….