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Wadi Rum page 3 : cliffs and climbs
photos by Bernard Domenech

These are “thumbnail” pictures. You can click on them to open a larger version.

Jebel Khazali : a climber on the dramatic Al Uzza route

Jebel Barrah Jebel Um Aleida “Al Goum” (Jebel Khasch)

Jebel Barragh – a very impressive photo when magnified!

Three cliffs

“Al Draif” Jebel Barrah “Um Fruth”

Two climbs
(I am asked to point out that “The Pillar of Wisdom” is NOT one of the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” – a name which annoys all old hands in Wadi Rum)

“The Pillar of Wisdom”
(Jebel Rum)
(Jebel Barrah)

The massif of Jebel Um Ishrin

Under the snow “Annafishiyah” Nassranniyah


“Um Sabata” south of Jebel Khazali

Horses in the immensity of Wadi Rum