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Here you can see a "picture map" of Petra. The Khazneh (the Treasury) is exactly in the middle, with the entrance to the right, still on the bottom of the map. The Obelisk Tomb and the Djinn blocks are marked.

The path continues through the Outer Siq towards the theatre, with the Urn Tomb and the Royal Tombs to the right, and the temples and the "Paved Road" in the centre of the ancient city. The "Monastery" is high up to the left.

The tombs lower to the left are the complex around "the tomb of Sextus Florentinus" and you can see the "High Place" between them and the Khazneh.

Warning : from the Obelisk Tomb to the Monastery is something around 8kms, more if you take in the High Place and/or the Royal Tombs and the Great Temple on the way!

This "guided visit" is the work of Jean Claude Golvin


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