Time and money
Planning the trip

I have had a number of questions lately about the times it gets to get from A to B. Here is what I can contribute on this, please don't take me to the letter, all these times and costs are AVERAGE and wherever possible in local buses. Cars (including service taxis) are usually faster, but might cost a bit more. In other words, these figures are all approximate, sorry! I do think that they are better than nothing...

Obviously return trips will take about the same time and usually cost the same (except for the ferry Aqaba/Nuweiba which costs 35USD in this direction).

When you leave Jordan there is an exit tax of 5JD. I have not included this in the costs which are only those of the usual fares.

Through traffic

Cairo to Nuweiba

about 6/7 hours

between 60-80EP  
Cairo to Dahab about 7/8 hours

between 60-100EP

Cairo to Sharm about 8/9 hours

between 80-100EP

Nuweiba to Aqaba 1 hour but allow two hours before the ferry leaves and an hour for frontier formalities in Jordan 45USD To be paid in USD
Aqaba to Amman 4 hours 6JD In the long distance buses (see "Hard Facts)
Amman to Damascus Say 3-4 hours including border crossing 5-8JD Service taxi is better here.
Damascus to Beirut Approx 2-3 hours including border crossing 10-15USD max Can take longer/cost less according to transport used. I have heard of a minimum of 4USD in a minivan but taking over 4 hours
Amman to Jerusalem Usually count on 4-6 hours including border crossing but right now it could be anything    

Inside Jordan
(times given vary according to local traffic in the shorter trips from Amman)

This part might seem to belong in the "General Information about Jordan" section, but in fact these details are supplied already in each of the "sites" pages and are given here for use in general trip planning.

Amman to Jerash

1 hour



Amman to Madaba

1 hour


Buses leave from all the main bus
stations, and the fares vary

Amman to Dead Sea

1 1/2 to 2 hours


Change at Shunieh

Madaba to Dead Sea
via Mount Nebo

1 hour


Change at Shunieh

Amman to Petra

About 3 hours



Amman to Dana

Between 2 1/2 and 3 hours



Amman to Ma'an

Say 2 1/2 hours



Ma'an to Petra

30-40 minutes



Dana to Petra

40 minutes by car (no direct bus)



Petra to Wadi Rum

2 hours in the direct bus



Petra to Aqaba

2-3 hours (not the same bus or driver!)



Wadi Rum to Aqaba

About 45 minutes



I hope that this helps at least a little bit when you are planning your trip.

"Bon Voyage"!


"JORDANJUBILEE" is now available as a book, which is much more convenient for reference if you are travelling around. You can buy it online if you wish by clicking on our securized site, or it is on sale in a number of places in Jordan


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