We should start off with a website giving just about all information about Jordan: getting here, getting around here and much more information for the independent traveller. The site is called "Ruth's Jordan" and the URL is

Ruth is a good friend of ours and knows Jordan and the Bedouin very well indeed.

Another friend, Wilfried Colonna, is building a website about his activities in the desert. This will be very interesting when it is finished, there are already some beautiful photos there. Have a look at his Arabian horses in Wadi Rum at

Tony Howard was one of the first people to put Wadi Rum on the map as the internationally acclaimed climbing centre it is becoming. His website is at Another good site for those interested in climbing is by a regular visitor to Wadi Rum.

The official Jordanian government site is There is another official site at . The Jordan Tourist Board has a website at

If you are interested in the Bedouin in Jordan, you might like to look at This is not a tourist information site.

We are indebted to many of our clients for sending us photos of their visit to Wadi Rum. We should like to name Erwin Hidayat, for sending us photos of jeep trips when we said we were short of them; Hermann Koppenwallernet whose website is at

Some sites of the other Bedouin in Wadi Rum : Attayak Aouda at,


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