Ruth’s Jordan

The country and the people of Jordan

This website offers an introduction to the country of Jordan. It includes detailed information and advice for the independent traveller, and a description of the everyday life of some of the Bedouin and the village people there, with stories and anecdotes from my personal experiences illustrating the way that they live. I hope that you will enjoy them, there are some more on the way.

I am going to be in the Middle East for a couple of months from September onwards, and as you all know, Internet access isn’t always easy. I will check in as often as I can, but if you have to wait for a reply to messages or email, please forgive me.

Website description

There are five separate sections.

  • General information on Jordan
  • Visiting Jordan : information for the independent traveller
  • Jordan out of doors : visiting the Nature Reserves, trekking, riding, snorkelling and diving, etc. There are also a number of detailed maps of Wadi Rum.
  • Meeting the people of Jordan
  • Travelling around the Middle East to and from Amman

There is a general summary on the left here, but for a full list of the material available in each section, it is necessary to consult the section index, given in capital letters on the navigation bar on the left or from links on each page.

I should like to draw your attention to theĀ DISCUSSION BOARD, where there are several interesting trip descriptions and a couple of questions about this and that. Why don’t you add something to it, you are very welcome if you have any comments or questions.

Since many people seem to print out information from the website, I have supplied “printer friendly” versions of the text only (no pictures) of the main tourist information pages – please see the navigation bar. If your computer is a “slow loader” you might also be happier with these pages – look at the photos later, right?