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This fascinating and scholarly bibliography is unlikely to be of great interest to casual visitors to Jordan. It is however of immense value to anyone seriously interested in the subject and of course to anybody researching it.  At the moment it has been published nowhere else.

It has been compiled by Norman N. Lewis, a scholar and writer with a particular interest in Syria and Jordan and in the European travellers who explored those countries in the 19th and earlier centuries. He has published a considerable number of articles on these and related subject, the most recent of which is entitled "Travellers, Tribesmen and Troubles : Journeys to Petra 1823-19143". This appeared as a chapter in a book called "Travellers in the Near East" edited by Charles Foster and published by Stacey International in 2004 on behalf of The Association for the Study of Travellers in Egypt and the Near East (see www.dur.ac.uk.astene.association). The list gives the names and some details of all the source materials he used in preparing the article. I am most grateful to him for making his researches available to this website.

There is a list of the abbreviations used at the end.

Not all the dates given are certain; many travellers' accounts are imprecise in this respect.


The following is a list of narratives written by travellers to Petra between 1812, when J. L. Burckhardt discovered the site, and 1914, when the First World War broke out. Some of the items in the list are books, others articles in journals, and a few are manuscripts. I have read or "skimmed" most of them, made notes or photocopies of parts of some and I have original copies of some. Most important, I know where a copy of each of them may be found, and will be glad to pass on such information to anyone interested. I know of the existence of a few books or other titles of which I have not been able to find copies and which are therefore not in the list. The work is ongoing, and I hope that people will be able to send me other references to add to the list. References to unpublished diaries or letters will be particularly welcome - please check your family archive!

I have only listed books or articles which contain some element of narrative. Few second-hand descriptions or commentaries or guide books are included. I have listed the names of a few travellers whose accounts of their journeys have not survived, if they were ever written, and of at least two whose papers are unfortunately not available to the interested enquirer.

I have even included a note on two travellers who hoped to get to Petra but who were - like many others - unable to do so. The notes which follow many of the citations include miscellaneous information which it is hoped will be of interest.



August 22-23
J. L.  Burckhardt

Letter to Sir J. Banks or Mr W. Hamilton, dated Cairo September 12 1812 in Burckhardt's Travels in Nubia London 1819 pp xliv-xlvii


J. L.  Burckhardt

Letter to his parents, dated Cairo 15 Oct. 1812 in Scheik Ibrahim (Johann Ludwig Burckhardt) Briefe en Eltern un Geschwister. Herausgegeben von Carl Burckhardt-Sarasin un Hansrudolf Schwabe-Burckhardt, Basel 1956 pp 139-41


J. L.  Burckhardt

Ms. Letter to G.C. Renouard dated Cairo 18 Oct. 1812 British Library.
Additional Ms 27,620


J. L.  Burckhardt

Letter to E.D. Clarke dated Cairo 20 Nov 1812, in The Life and Remains of the Rev. Edward Clarke...., W. Otter, ed., London 1824 P 586



Note 1 : These letters, written soon after Burckhardt's arrival in Cairo on Sept 4 1812 contain short accounts of his journey from Damascus via Petra, described more fully in his Travels in Syria.


May 24-25
W.J. Bankes

Journal : Jerusalem round the south end of the Dead Sea to Karrack and from thence to Shobac and the Wadi Mousir 1818; taken down by the Honble C.L. Irby from my Dictation - WJB. Journal No. 2, Wadi Moosa and the Dead Sea, part dictated to C.L. Irby and part in my own hand. Unpublished manuscripts in Bankes Collection, County Record Office, Dorchester, ref. nos. H.J.4/19 and 20


T. Legh

See MacMichael


W. MacMichael

A journey from Moscow to Constantinople in the years 1817, 1818; London, 1819



Note 2 : Chapter 4 of MacMichael's book is a narrative of Legh's journey with Bankes et al. to Petra and through Trans-Jordan "composed" by MacMichael from an oral account given by Legh. (The text, as well as the relevant passage from Burckhard's Travels in Syria, was reprinted in The Biblical Repository, Andover, Mass Vol III, Nos. X, XI and XII, 1833, with an introduction and notes by the editor, Edward Robinson, under the general titles "Sketches of Idumea and its present Inhabitants, from the Travels of Burckhardt and Legh". It is evident from this that Robinson was already deeply interested in "Palestine and adjacent regions" in which he was to travel to such good effect in 1838 : see below)


C.L. Irby and
J. Mangles

Travels in Egypt and Nubia, Syria and Asia Minor during the years 1817 to 1818. London, 1823



Note 3 : Irby and Mangles had this book printed for private distribution. abridged versions were published by John Murray in 1844 and 1868.


G. Finati

A narrative of the Life and Adventures of Giovanni Finati, translated from the Italian and edited by W.J. Bankes. 2 vols. London 1830



Note 4 : In April 1819 C. Baillie and C. Barry (the latter the future architect of the present Palace of Westminster) with others, investigated the possibility of reaching Petra from Jerusalem. Negotiations with several Arabs, (including one who pretended to be Abu Zeitun, "the Sheikh of Wadi Mousa") failed and the project was abandoned. See Charles Barry's Near Eastern Diaries in the British Architectural Library, Royal Institute of British Architects, Volume 8, entries of April 23 and 24, 1819 and Baillie's letter to W.J. Bankes of January 24 1820, Bankes' Correspondence Collection in Dorset County Record Office, Dorchester, D/BKL:HJI/125


A. H. Fraser

 Note 5 : See J. Hogg, Further Notice Respecting the Sinaitic Inscriptions. Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom, 2nd Series, 5, 1856, 33-58. Hogg says that Frazer was in Petra "some years later" than 1818.


Strangways and Anson

Note 6 : The only specific references to the Petra journey of Strangways (misspelled by Laborde as Strangwais) and Anson which I have seen are by Léon de Laborde; see these most conveniently in Pétra Retrouvée (qv below) pp 85 and 142. Stephens makes several references in his Incidents of Travel to unnamed travellers who had preceded him to Petra in the previous few years.


Mar28-Apr 3
L-M-A Linant de Bellefonds

Carnet du voyage de l'Arabie Pétrée. Unpublished manuscript in the Bibliothèque du Musée du Louvre, Paris


L. de Laborde

Voyage de l'Arabie Pétrée par Léon de Laborde et Linant. Paris 1830


L. de Laborde

Journey through Arabia Petræa to Mount Sinai and the excavated City of Petra. London 1836



Note 7 : As the anonymous translator of de Laborde's work put it in his English version of 1836 it "differs from that of M. de Laborde in several particulars"; it is a translation of only "the greater portion" of the French text which he has rearranged and to which he has added material from other books. Christian Augé and Pascale Linant de Bellfonds have also rearranged and edited de Laborde's text in their Pétra retrouvée and have added much valuable comment and information, including excepts from Linant's hitherto unpublished "carnet de voyage".


L. de Laborde et
L-M-A Linant de Bellefonds

Pétra Retrouvée, voyage de l'Arabie Pétrée. 1828, augmenté d'extraits du carnet de voyage inédit de L-M-A Linant de Bellefonds. Edited with notes by C. Augé and Pascale Linant de Bellefonds, Paris 1994


March 2 days
J. L. Stephens

Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land. 2 vols. New York 1837/London 1838



Note 8 : Stephens' name does not appear on the title page of the New York edition of 1837; the book is described as being "by an American".


C. & R. Rowley, W. Shipley-Conwy and
? Seymer

Note 9 : Charlotte Rowley and her husband Richard spent their honeymoon travelling, in 1835-36. They were accompanied by Charlotte's brother William Shipley-Conwy, and by a friend named Seymer; see "A Honeymoon in Egypt and the Sudan: Charlotte Rowley 1835-36" by P. Rowley-Conwy, J. Rowley-Conwy and D. Rowley-Conwy in Travellers in Egypt, P. and J. Starkey, eds., London 1998,
pp 108- 17.

J.L. Stephens records a meeting with a party of English travellers near Luxor in January 1835 on pp 288-290 of his Incidents of Travel in Egypt, cited under 1836 above. He does not name the people but the description he gives leaves virtually no doubt that this was the Rowley party. It was they who first suggested to him that he might travel to Palestine via Petra: in the event he went there in spring of 1836 and they in the second half of the same year.

No information about the Rowleys' journey to Petra is available at present; their letters and diaries have survived but have not been made available for study. The members of the party wrote or scratched their names, with the date of 1836 on the wall of the Khazneh. Castlereagh referred to their graffiti and praised Charlotte for her achievement in making the journey on pp 182-83 of his Journey to Damascus, cited under 1842 below. Brünnow and Domaszewski recorded the graffiti in Die Provincia Arabia, I, p. 192, cited under 1897-98 below, and more recent visitors to Petra have also noticed them.

None of the travellers who preceded the Rowleys to Petra and who left a record of the journey travelled with a woman and Charlotte was almost certainly the first European of her sex to go there. She was followed a few months later by the several women members of the German botanical expedition of 1837 (see von Schubert, 1838, below)


Mar 1 day
G.H. von Schubert

Reise in das Morgenland in den Jahren 1836 und 1837. 2 vols, Erlangen, 1838-39


April 25-26
Lord Lindsay

Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land. London, 1838



Note 10 : Lindsay's revised edition of 1847 is particularly informative.


Lord Prudhoe

Note 11 : In the Appendix of his article entitled "The Journeys of Lord Prudhoe and Major Orlando Felix in Egypt, Nubia and the Levant 1826-1829" on pp 75-84 of Travellers in Egypt, P. and J. Starkey eds. London 1998, John Ruffle notes that one of Lord Prudhoe's notebooks, PN VI in the archives at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, contains copies of inscriptions from Aaron's tomb, Mt. Hor, Wadi Musa and Nahr at Kalb, and that a slip inside it states that it also contains a journal of travel in the Holy Land "-date doubtful ? 1838". Confirmation that the date of the journey was 1838 is provided by E. Robinson's Biblical Researches, cited below, the first London edition of which was dedicated to Lord Prudhoe. A comparison of the language of the dedication with dates given elsewhere in the book shows that Prudhoe's journey must have been made in March, April, or May, 1838. Prudhoe's itinerary from Ajrud North West of Suez "to the Arabah" a total distance of 131 miles, is given on
pp 563-564 of Vol I of Robinson.

Since the above was written some material from Notebook PN VI at Alnwick has been made available for study.


Apr. 14-19
Comte J. de Bertou

Voyage de l'extrémité sud de la mer Morte à la pointe nord du Golfe Elanitique.
BSG, X, 1838, 18-32


Comte J. de Bertou

Itinéraire de la mer Morte à Akaba par les Wadys -el Ghor, el-Arabia et el-Akaba, et retour à Hebron par Pétra. BSG XI, 1839, 274-311


Comte J. de Bertou

Notes on a journey from Jerusalem by Hebron, the Dead Sea, El Ghor and Wadi Arabah to Akaba and back by Petra, in April 1838. JRGS, IX, 1839, 277-286


May 31-June 1
E. Robinson

Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea. A Journal of Travels in the Year 1838 by E. Robinson and E. Smith. Undertaken in Reference to Biblical Geography. Drawn up from the Original Diaries with Historical Illustrations. 3 vols. London and Boston 1841


Mar 6-11
J. G. Kinnear

Cairo, Petra and Damascus in 1839. London 1841



Note 12 : Kinnear and Roberts travelled together.


David Roberts

Eastern Journal. Manuscript in the National Library of Scotland, Acc 7723/2, largely in the hand of Roberts' daughter, Christine Bricknell


David Roberts

The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia from Drawings made on the spot by David Roberts R.A. 3 vols London 1842-49


Jan 1 day
H. Layard

Early adventures in Persia, Susiana and Babylon. 2 vols. London 1887


6 days in total
E.J. Morris

Notes of a tour through Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Arabia Petræa and the Holy Land.
2 vols. Philadelphia 1842



Note 13 : Morris (who was later appointed U.S. Minister to Turkey) made a three day visit to Petra at the end of March, returned to Aqaba where he met Olin, Formby and Mr and Mrs Cooley travelling with a large party or group of parties, and went back with them to Petra where they all stayed until April 2 or 3.


Mar 30-Apr 3
 Rev. Stephen Olin

Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petræa and the Holy Land. 2 vols. New York 1843


J.E. Cooley

The American in Egypt with Rambles through Arabia Petræa and the Holy Land during the years 1839 and 1840. New York 1842



Note 14 : It is clear from the preface and the "Notice" at the end of Cooley's book that he planned a two volume work, the second of which would describe the journey to Petra. Only one appeared, however, which described a tour in Egypt and ended with preparations being made in Cairo for the onward journey to Sinai, Petra and Palestine.

The first volume abounded in "humorous" and sometimes insulting remarks about people the author met in Egypt, including G.R. Gliddon, the U.S. Consul in Cairo. The book was scathingly reviewed and Gliddon published a letter he wrote to Cooley and his publishers which ended "It only remains for me to add, that your work shows you to be a blackguard and I have branded you as a liar". (Cf. a book of pamphlets and cuttings about Cooley's book in the British Library, shelf-mark 7704.e.13 [1-15]). There can be little doubt that after all this fuss Cooley's publishers refused to publish his second volume.

E.J. Morris (1842, P. 287) met Cooley and his wife in Petra and both Mr & Mrs Cooley wrote their names in or on the Khazneh. Brünnow and Domaszewski (I, 192) state that their graffiti were dated 1844, but it would seem more likely that this was an error rather than that the couple paid a second visit to Petra four years after the first.


Rev. Henry Formby

A visit to the East, comprising Germany and the Danube, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Egypt and Idumea. London 1843


End April
Baron Koller

Extracts from Baron Koller's itinerary of his tour to Petra, describing an Inland Route from Mt. Sinai to Akabah. JRGS XII, 1843, pp 75-79



Note 15 : These "extracts" in fact describe a journey from Mt. Sinai to Aqaba, but no further. Whether Koller left any account of his onward journey or of Petra, I do not know.


Jan 27-29
D. Millard

A Journal of Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petræ (sic) and the Holy Land during 1841 and 1842. Rochester, New York 1843


Jan ??
Rev. H.P. Measor

A Tour in Egypt, Arabia Petræa and the Holy Land in the years 1841-2. London, 1844.


Feb 8-11?

Days and Nights in the East from the original notes of a recent travellers through Egypt, Arabia-Petra [sic], Syria, Turkey and Greece by Miss Plumley. London 1845


June 30-July 4?
Lord Castlereagh

Letter from Lord Castlereagh to Lady Londonderry, Jerusalem, July 13 1842. Unpublished manuscript at the County Record Office, Durham


Lord Castlereagh

A journey to Damascus through Eygpt, Nubia, Arabia Petræa, Palestine and Syria. 2 vols. London 1847


Mar 9-13
J. Wilson

The Lands of the Bible visited and described. 2 vols. Edinburgh 1847


early Nov
[W.H. Bartlett]

Forty Days in the Desert on the track of the Israelites; or, A journey from Cairo by Wadi Feiran to Mount Sinai and Petra. By the author of "Walks about Jerusalem: London [1849]


Mar 19-24
H. Martineau

Eastern Life, Present and Past. Philadelphia and London 1848. 3 vols


Mar 21-25
F. Dieterici

Reisbilder aus dem Morgenlande. 2 vols. Berlin 1853


Mar 28-30
[Miss HIndley]

Life in the tent; or Travels in the desert and Syria in 1850 by a young pilgrim. London n.d.


G.T. Lowth

The Wanderer in Arabia, or Western Footsteps in Eastern Tracks. 2 vols. London 1855


Apr 6-7
J. Finn

Byeways in Palestine. London 1868



Note 16 : Finn was British Consul in Jerusalem from 1845 to 1863. His journey to Petra (the first to be made by a European consul) was made in an attempt to persuade the inhabitants of Wadi Musa to treat travellers better. See also Reminiscencs of Mrs Finn, London and Edinburgh n.d. [?1929] p 98, and A.H. Rogers' comments on
pp 223-224 of Vol 3 of Picturesque Palestine, C. W. Wilson, ed., cited below.


G.P. Marsh

Briefliche Bemerkungen über Petra. ZDMG XII 1858, 708-712, with note by E. Rödiger


Mar 21-24
M.S. Smith

Diary of a journey in the Near East



Note 17 : John Shaw Smith, an enthusiastic photographer, and his wife Mary travelled in 1851-52. The original of Mary's diary is in private hands in Ireland. Edinburgh University Library has a microfilm of Vol. 1 of the manuscript and a typescript of Vols. 2 and 3; the pages which describe the journey from St. Katherine's monastery to Aqaba, Petra, Hebron and Jerusalem are in vol. 3. Prints of Smith's photographs are in Edinburgh University Library and in the Palestine Exploration Fund archives; they are probably the earliest surviving photographes of Petra.


A.P. Stanley

Sinai and Palestine in connection with their history. London 1856


Apr 19-20
J.B. Roth

Prof J.B. Roth's Reise von Jerusalem und dem Todten Meere durch die Araba bis zum Rothen Meere, 6 April bis 6 Mai, 1857. PM VI 1857 260-265


[J.L. Porter]

A Handbook for Travellers in Syria and Palestine..., John Murray, London 1858



Note 18 : This guidebook, attributed on good grounds to Porter (author of Five Years in Damascus, 1855, and other books) is notable for its early date and the inclusion of Petra among the places described. It is not certain that Porter himself visited Petra but the information he gives is up to date (he refers to "the present year" [1857]) and reliable. The 2nd edition of 1868 is similarly useful.


Apr 13-14
E. Lear

A leaf from the journals of a landscape painter, ed. 'F.L.' Macmillan's Magazine, LXXV, 1896-97, 410-430



Note 19 : This is Lear's diary of his journey to Petra. F.L. was Franklin Lushington, who accompanied him.


E. Lear

Letter from Lear to his sister Ann, Jerusalem Apr 23 1858



Note 20 : The original of this and of other Lear letters disappeared in the late 1930s, but typescripts had been made of them (See Vivien Noakes' Edward Lear, 1812-1888, the Catalogue of the Royal Academy of Arts' Exhibition of Lear's work, London 1885, in which an excerpt from this letter appears on p. 111)


J.-J. Bourassé

La Terre-Sainte; Voyage dans l'Arabia Pétrée, La Judée, La Samarie, La Galilée et La Syrie. Tours 1860


W.C. Prime

From Sinai to Wady Mousa, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, XVI 736-751


Apr 4-9
J.S. Stuart-Glennie

Pilgrim Memories or Travel and Discussion in the birth countries of Christianity with the late Henry Thomas Buckle. London 1875


J. Ehni

Souvenirs de Mont Hor et des ruines de Petra. Le Globe, Journal de la Société de Géographie de Genève. XXXIII, Série 5, Tome 5 1894, 108-125



Note 21 : Ehni gives no dates in his account. Lagrange in RB 1898, p 165, dates Ehni's journey as 1862. Ehni's account resembles that of Stuart-Glennie in a number of respects and it appears that they travelled in the same large party or group of parties in 1862.


May 19-21
Luynes, duc de

Voyage d'Exploration à la mer Morte, à Pétra et sur la rive gauche du Jourdain. Oeuvre posthume publiée par ses petit-fils sous la direction de M. le Comte de Vogüé. 3 vols Paris 1871-76


L. Lartet

Compte rendu sur le voyage d'exploration à la mer Morte, Pétra et sur la rive gauche du Jourdain par M. le Duc de Luynes. BSG Jan 1872


Apr 1-3
G.A. Visconti

Diario di un viaggio in Arabia Petrea. Torino 1872


R.H. Miles

Egypt: And a journey to Palestine via Mount Sinai and Petra. Colburn's New Monthly Magazine Vols 138, 139, 142, 1866-68



Note 22 : The earlier instalments of Miles' narrative were entitled Egypt ; And a Voyage from Sea to Sea through the Isthmus of Suez, and appeared in Vols. 136 and 137 (1866) of the magazine. The title was changed in Vol. 138 to Egypt: And a journey to Palestine via Mt. Sinai and Petra. Three instalments appeared in Vol 138 (pp 196-210, 371-378, 489-500) and two in Vol 139 (Jan-Apr 1867 (pp. 200-209, 447-456). No instalments appeared in Vols. 140 or 141. Two instalments appeared in Vol. 142 (Jan-June 1868) pp. 188-196 and 346-353. The last instalment (346-353) describes Mt. Hor which they climbed the day before they expected to enter Petra. So far as can readily be ascertained, no further instalment was published.


Feb 24-27
F.E. Church

Extracts from Church's 'Petra Diary' edited by C.L. Edmonds, in Art and Antiques, New York, Feb 1985 pp 81-85, under the title 'The Road to Petra'; extracts from the diary and Church's correspondence in G.L. Carr, Frederick Edwin Church, Catalogue Raisonné of Works of Art at Olana State Historical Site, 2 vols, Cambridge 1994, vol 1, 319-398


D.S. Dodge

Visit to Petra (A letter from the Reverend David Stuart Dodge, who accompanied Church) The Evangelist (New York), April 23 1868


Mar 21-25
J. Loftus

Mafeesh, or Nothing New; the Journal of a Tour in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, the Sinai-Desert, Petra, Palestine, Syria and Russia. 2 vols printed for private circulation. London 1870


Note 23 : "J. Loftus" was Jane, Marchioness of Ely, a Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria. De Famars Testas (see Note 25) makes several references to her in his journal.


Mar 24-27
J.L. Gérôme

Notes de voyage, 20 Feb-3 Apr 1868 in Ch Moreau-Vaulthier, Gérôme Peintre et Sculpteur, l'homme et l'Artiste. Paris, 1906, 223-253



Note 24 : Gérôme was the leader of a party of artists which included Lenoir and de Famars Testas, q.v.


P. Lenoir

Le Fayoum, le Sinai et Pétra. Paris 1872.


P. Lenoir

Le Fayoum, or Artists in Egypt. London 1873


M. de Famaars Testas

Note 25 : de Famars Testas wrote the journal of his travels in 1868 in French. It was published in Dutch as De Schilderskaravaan 1868, trans. and annotated by M.J. Raven, Leiden, 1992, and in French as "Le Journal de Willem de Famars Testas, 1868" in Album de Voyage; Des artistes en expédition au pays de Levant", Y. Fischer, V. Ducoureau and I. Julia, eds., the catalogue of an exhibition at the Musée Hébert, Paris, in 1993,. Paris, 1993. His is a much more informative account than those of Gérôme and Lenoir.


Apr 5-11
E.H. Palmer

Letters. PEFQS 1870 pp 254-259, 311-324


E.H. Palmer

The Desert of the Tih and the Country of Moab. PEFQS 1871, 3-73


E.H. Palmer

The Desert of the Exodus: Journeys on Foot in the Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wanderings, undertaken in connexion with the Ordnance Survey of Palestine and the Palestine Exploration Fund. 2 vols. Cambridge 1871



Note 26 : Palmer's field notes made on his 1869-1870 expedition are in the PEF archives, ref. PEF/SIN/I


Mar 21-21
W.C. Maughan

The Alps of Arabia: Travels in Egypt, Sinai, Arabia and the Holy Land. London 1873


J. Strong &
C. D. Ward

The legend on the map of Petra on P. 84 of E.L. Wilson's In Scripture Lands (see below, 1882) states that the map is "from an original survey made in 1874" by Messrs J. Strong S.T.D. and C.D. Ward, C.E.


C. M. Doughty

Travels in Arabia Deserta. 2 vols Cambridge 1888/London 1926



Note 27 : Doughty's Arabia Deserta is devoid of dates but Hogarth's reconstruction of Doughty's movements which has him at Petra in May (?) 1875 is very probably correct. (D.G. Hogarth, The Life of Charles M. Doughty, Oxford 1928, 23-24).


E. L. Wilson

In Scripture Lands; New Views of Ancient Places. London 1891


Dec 10-11
H. H. Kitchener

Major Kitchener's Report. PEFQS 1884, 202-221



Note 28 : Kitchener's report also appeared as an appendix to Hull's Mount Seir


Dec 10-11
E. Hull

Letters, 10 Nov 1883 - 23 Jan 1884. PEFQS, 1884. 107-113


E. Hull

Abstract of Observations obtained by the Scientific Expedition sent out to Arabia Petræa  and Western Palestine by the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund in 1883. PEFQS, 1884, 160-67


E. Hull

Narrative of an Expedition through Arabia Petræa, the Valley of the Arabah and Western Palestine PEFQS, 1884, 114-136



Note 29 : After this article had appeared the P.E.F. decided to publish the full narrative of Hull's expedition in book form rather than in instalments in the Quarterly Statements; see the next entry.


E. Hull

Mount Seir, Sinai and Western Palestine, being a narrative of a scientific expedition. London (PEF) 1885


H. C. Hart

A Naturalist's Journey to Sinai, Petra and South Palestine. PEFQS 1885, 231-236


H. C. Hart

Some Account of the Fauna and Flora of Sinai, Petra and Wady 'Arabah. London 1891


c. 1880-84

Note 30 : Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, C. W. Wilson, ed. London, 4 vols, 1880-1884 and Paläestina in Bild und Wort nebst der Sinaihalbinsel und dem Lande Goshen nach dem englichen herausgegeben, by G. Ebers and H. Guthe, Stuttgart and Leipzig, 2 vols, 1883-1884 are both books of engravings with commentaries, description and some narrative content. The German volume is based on Wilson's. The format of the two publications is similar and many of the illustrations appear in both. Petra and Mt. Hor are dealt with in Vol III pp. 211-225 of Wilson and in Vol II pp 240-249 of Ebers and Guthe.



A visit to Kerak and Petra. PEFQS 1898, 94-100


G. Hill

A Journey to Petra - 1896. PEFQS 1897, 34-44, 135-144


Sept 5-11
A. Musil

Arabia Petræa. 3 vols; Vienna 1907-08


Oct 25-29
M-J Lagrange

Notre exploration de Pétra. R.B. VI, 1897 207-230


M-J Lagrange

Recherches épigraphiques à Pétra; Lettre à Monsieur le Marquis de Vogüé.
R.B. VII, 165-182

  H. Vincent Notes de Voyage. R.B. VII, 1898, 424-451


Mar 3-13
R.E. Brünnow

Reisebericht. MNDPV 1898 33-39, 49-57, 81-87


Apr 26-29
S. Vailhé

Voyage à Pétra. Echos d'Orient, Revue bimestrielle d'histoire, de géographie et de liturgie orientales, Paris, I, Oct 1897 - Oct 1898, pp 3-11, 39-51, 70-79, 100-112


Mar 8-23
R. E. Brünnow

Reisebericht 1898. MNDPV 1899 23-29, 40-42, 56-61


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Note 31 : Forder claimed to have visited Petra "nearly a score of times" (Petra, Perea Phoenicia, London [nd c 1923], p 8) six of them before 1901 (Sela or Petra, "The Strong City", the ruined capital of Edom. BW, XVIII, 1901, 328-337). Some of his visits must have taken place while he was a missionary in Kerak (1891-97) as described in his With the Arabs in Tent and Town, London [nd c. 1902] or subsequently when he lived in Jerusalem or elsewhere. He accompanied Hornstein in Sept 1895, G.L. Robinson in May 1900 and Curtiss in July 1900. His books and articles are illustrated with his own very good photographs.


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(6 visits)

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