A tourist's map of Jordan south of Amman

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Most of the principal tourist sites in Jordan are south of Amman. However a notable exception is the town of Jerash which is just too far north, about 60kms from Amman, to be shown on the map below, being just off the northern edge. It is probably the little white spot shown without a town name, north of the town of Salt. The "Desert Castle" of Azraq and the Nature Reserve there are also just on the edge of the map to the east of Amman, you can see the sign for "castle" and the letter "A" only. (See the map of the Desert Castles for more details of this)

The site of Mount Nebo close to Madaba is shown as "Syagha", which apparently means "Monastery" in Aramaic.

You can see clearly the two main north-south highways in Jordan, the modern fast Desert Highway running through Qatranah and Ma'an and the traditional Kings' Highway, the twisty mountainous road running from Madaba to Petra via Karak, Tafila and Showbak.

The zig-zag bit south of Karak is Wadi Mujib.







I am grateful to Wilfried Colonna and to Bernard Domenech for allowing me to use this map which will be included in their forthcoming book about climbing and trekking in Jordan. Thanks guys - it's just what I needed!


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