Jordan Jubilee is now available in book form. You will no longer need to print out all of the pages and you will be able to read many of the story pages you had no time to look at before.

Nadim al Twal has designed a beautiful cover, based on the wall of the castle of Kerak and I am very happy with it.

We have had to compromise with the photos; to put them all in would have made the cost too high, but there are still a number of them.

The book is on sale in several places in Jordan (see new page) or you can order it on line by clicking on the link above. The price is 8 Jordanian dinars or 12.25USD with 6USD airmail postage per copy if you order it by Internet through our securized site which you reach by clicking on the link above. If you have any questions or queries about the book, you can reach me at

I hope it will be a very happy souvenir of a wonderful visit to Jordan! It will bring me in a (very little) bit of money as well, so if anybody wants to say Thank You for the website as so many of you do by email, buying the book would be a kind way of saying it! So far I am assuming all the costs of the website myself, and it would be nice to have a bit of help from the people who get the most benefit....

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